Los Sims 2




Create a Sim, save it and use it in the full game


Bu uygulamayı oyla

The Sims 2 is the continuation of the successful The Sims. It's very strange to find anyone who has never heard about The sSims or who has never been in fornt of the screen of the PC decorating the virtual house, breeding the Sims, taking them to parties and doing lots of things to these friendly virtual creatures.

One of the facts that has made The Sims to be so successful is that it can be played by both genres and all ages, in fact, The Sims is the favorite game for girls according to several surveys.

The Sims 2 offers more things thatn used to offer The Sims: better graphics, more relationships, more items to decorate, new friends and statuses...

Now with this demo you will be able to create your new Sim that will be able to be used in the full game. Choose skin color, genre, eye color, hairstyle, clothes, physical status... and create your new Sim that will take part in the full game.